The Great Advantages of a Court Reporter’s Flexible Timetable

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Within the last twenty eight years as a courtroom reporter, I’ve frequently been made aware how fortunate I am for getting a real adaptable timetable. When my children were younger it truly was so wonderful for me to be able to pick them up after my morning task and bring them right down to the park during the afternoon, or simply just watch them have fun at home whilst I was doing work about transcripts from the other room. These days, my kids are all grown and often away from home, it’s great after finishing a morning job to run errands that I have to do throughout the day rather than doing so after work when the majority of people are out there doing grocery and standing in line at the Post Office, too.

I really enjoy the freedom of generating transcripts at any given time that works best for me. My absolute favorite times are during the night after everybody is fast asleep, and the house is calm and relaxing, and there are completely zero distractions before the crack of dawn. Therefore when I’ve accomplished my tasks, I have the the whole day to do fun stuff, or proofread a transcript while simply sitting on a stationary bike and working out. And now that I have a cabin, it doesn’t seem to be so bad to work on a transcript on the weekends when I have the luxury of sitting by the pond and enjoying the sounds of the water while editing and enhancing.

Personally I think I am very fortunate to get the overall adaptability to say yes to jobs which involve traveling. Last spring, I took a new job in St. Croix Falls and I had been able to stay at the cabin while doing the job. I also say yes every time I have a chance to work around the Fargo area. My youngest child decided to go to college there and she is now residing and employed there. It’s very nice to have unexpected visits with her and have her spend time in the inn with me.

Owning a flexible timetable absolutely signifies you’ve got to be a flexible court reporter. There are those instances when we were really depending on that two-day job that cancels the afternoon before, right after you’d already been contemplating about how you were going to enjoy the income, changed a hair scheduled appointment, and postponed a coffee date with a good friend. Or there are always those jobs that were only going to last until before noon, but alas, didn’t finish until 6:00, and they have decided they need to have the transcript first thing the next morning. There is often that instance of stress. But on the bright side, don’t you just love that wonderful feeling when you are all caught up and yet your job gets finsihed earlier than expected and you get to have a spontaneous trip and go visit your children, or your partner, or possibly meet a friend for happy hour, or just go on a relaxing trip to the spa by yourself?

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