Points to Remember as a Court Journalist

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Image Credit: Digitaltrends.com

Image Credit: Digitaltrends.com

After I got my license as a court reporter, I was faced with a decision to make. It was either I work in a courtroom or do freelance work for different firms during depositions. I also wondered if it would be possible to do both.

As I weighed my options, I answered more questions that could help me decide what I really want to pursue. I imagine myself working in the same place every day, and ask myself if I want that kind of life. Or, am I someone who would like to have a flexible schedule and own my own time and have the freedom to choose which projects I would want to take or not. The first choice is a more stable and predictable career path, which is a good thing if I want to earn a stable income. The second choice however, will make me grow in experience and will give me the chance to travel, which is also something I have always wanted to do.

Of course, there is always the option to do both. Some jurisdictions allow this to happen. You get the chance to get the best of both worlds, have a steady courtroom job, and have the chance to explore and travel for different freelance deposition jobs in different firms.

As I went and explored the wonderful things about this career, I also came to realize the things that helped me grow as a courtroom journalist. I would not be where I am right now, carefree and loving my job every day, if not for the fact that I made the right decisions early in my career, and I had nothing but passion and excitement for the years ahead.

I was excited about starting my new career that I came to realize that it really did not matter which area I focus on. I was just very proud and excited that I finally got the chance to start the career that I have always wanted to achieve.

This is something that other new reporters fail to realize and have – the lack of energy and excitement for the career that they have decided to tackle. Lack of excitement and great goals when starting a career will hinder success. Using old machines, out-dated CAT software, and not getting involved in whatever educational opportunity would come, are things that will never help you become successful in this line of work.

The most important thing, perhaps, is that no matter where we choose to work as court reporters, aiming for greatness is priority. There is a great need for good court reporters, and nothing can be more fulfilling than having the credibility and the record to say that you are one of the few great court reporters there are in your state.

Never stop learning the craft of court reporting. There are teachers, mentors and even World Wide Web, to help you continually improve your skill and craft as a great court journalist.


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