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Getting a divorce is never an easy thing. There are a lot of questions asked and there are lots of things to prepare for. I’ve seen a lot of court hearings about divorce cases for almost five years and all I can say is that it leaves scars and wounds that will not heal for a very long time. I’m able to do that because I have a lot of Anniston divorce lawyer friends.

My heart, though, goes to the children. These kids are innocent and should never be dragged with the mistakes of their parents. Unfortunately, they’re usually the first ones to feel the pain of having a broken family for years to come. They’ll always ask their Mom or Dad why the other parent is no longer living with them.


Don’t be confused though; I am not against divorce. Time and again, I feel that it is far better to separate a man and a woman who are no longer in love or comfortable with each other than to fight a continuous battle of supremacy within the household. However, I feel that most of the divorce cases I’ve seen in the past can still be repaired. This is why I always tell a prospect client to talk to a psychologist about having therapy or a session together with their other half so they can discuss their issues.

When I got back one lazy Sunday afternoon from my office, I decided to write this blog post. Although I am just a simple court room observer, I still feel that divorce is not always the right choice for most loveless couple. I turned on my internet modem, plugged in my computer and started pouring out the words in my head.

Do you still love your spouse? – Think about the emotions that you feel whenever your wife or husband is around or with you. Do you still feel a tiny spark of love and care for your other half? Or are you eager to get away from him/her as far as possible? Most marriages lose the “loving feeling” a few years after the wedding. This is probably because either the husband or the wife is too busy to take care of each other. If you’ve lost that loving feeling, then talking to a marriage counselor will help.

Do you really want a divorce? – Some couples, especially when they’re arguing, tend to do anything and everything just to gain an upper hand against the other. This includes threatening your other half with divorce. Did you really mean to get a divorce or are you just using it as an excuse for your husband or wife to feel threatened and back away? If your answer is YES, then you should talk to a marriage counselor pronto. Getting a divorce for such a particular reason is senseless and cruel to the kids.

Why do you want to get a divorce? – The reason for getting a divorce is also something that you need to talk about. If you want to leave your partner due to infidelity or because of an argument, then please don’t. Try to talk to your husband/wife first before deciding.

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