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I like my profession and I would like to let my clients know about what we do so they can expect the real deal. If I have the skills of a salesperson, I will convince everybody to enroll in a court reporting school so they can earn money. Okay, my introduction is enough. I will tell you the Pros and Cons of my profession. Let’s see if this article will change what you think about us.

Let’s deal with the CONS first.

– Never ending working hours

Court reporters must spend long hours editing and proofreading transcripts until a final and accurate transcript is done. If you are the type who does not want to sit for long periods or is being easily distracted by gadgets or anything, this profession may not be suited for you.

– Odd working hours might be required

This is true depending if there will be depositions taking place at late night or early in the morning.

– Spending time to be updated with technology

They have to know the latest steno typing news and the latest computers so they will not be left out and they can find out what works faster. Having no time is not an excuse.

– Multi-tasking 

They must listen to the conversations very well and clearly. And at the same time, they have to use a stenotype machine. They must be detail-oriented as well.

– Not a stable job

If there’s not enough demand or work, there will be no salary unlike regular employees.

Now, here are the PROS.

– Does not take up to 4 years

The overall duration for training or certificate programs in court reporting schools will only take 2 years or less. But remember, you need to pass the exams depending on your state.

– Learn legal stuff

With trials, hearings or official proceedings, legal terms can be learned eventually and you soon be able to know the ins and outs of filing cases or lawsuits. Also, you might be able to understand contracts clearly.

– Choose to travel or to stay home

Most court reporters are working freelance. They can travel anywhere and create transcripts on their own home or on a tourist spot.

– Amount of Salary

The average salary is from around $48,000 up to $64,000. If you work smart and become lucky, you can get a six figure salary like those top earning court reporters.

– Can hire scopists

If do you think you have other things to do or want to spend more leisure time, hire a scopist and let them proofread your transcripts.

Personally, I prefer to travel and work inside coffee houses or hotel rooms with windows because it motivates me to finish my work. The lowest salary of one of the court reporter friends that I have (because he is just practicing his profession this year) is within the average salary and I think this will motivate you to pursue your passion and will probably not look for another job.

Are you a fellow court reporter? A would-be student? A client? What do you think?

Kindly post your comment below.

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